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My Favorite Taco ~ Arch Bishop Don “Magic” Juan


The good Arch Bishop Don "Magic" Juan paged TACO for a short, pre-Vday tete-a-tete in Hollywood, just to trade a few tips on PIMPin' and community activism. The diamond-shunning, gold-grilled, gold-linked Chairman of the World Famous Players Board has smooth-hustled his way past recruiting, knocking, n' flipping hoes for some years now, and slid smoothly into film, music, and TV, as seen in the classic American Pimp and Old School. The charm that rocketed this 57-year old legend from North Chicago slum hustler to notorious seducer to PIMP KING to respected church pastor is evident as we shoot the breeze on Melrose and I watch Bishop devote total focus and kindness to everyone he meets.


His wisdom and righteousness landed Bishop a valued spot as spiritual adviser to Big Boss Dogg Snoop. Like seemingly everybody else around this beeatch, he is also now running his own fashion label, The Bishop. I asked his bodyguard if he has a store and the dude said real serious under his breath, "No, do you want to buy one?" Huh? Buy a whole store? That's hustle.

After giving two passing cuties a discreet, yet firm, talking-to (methinks Don Juan had been telling these 2 skeezers that they better have his money...), we laughed and traded pounds over the following chat:

"Bishop, what's your favorite taco in Los Angeles? Chuuch! "

"Tacos? A taco? Man, I ain't never had a taco in my life (and I swear he called it a "tekko" at this point, like he had no clue what the fuck it was I was talking about. We were both also kinda losing our shit at this point)."

Bishop continued with his smile glowing brighter, "I do have a favorite hamburger, though. In-N-Out Burger. I would get that anytime I'm in Hollywood and want a burger. I love those burgers, man."

We talked a little more about the ins-and-outs of the chain's consistency and then we watched one of our street heroes head east. Next time you're in L.A., Arch Bishop Don "Magic" Juan, hit TACO on the hip, and we'll rock some pastor in that money green whip. CHUUUCH!

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