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L.A. Taco meets the Camera Creeps

12:37 PM PDT on September 19, 2013


    The Camera Creeps are a group of Los Angeles photographers who only shoot on film. The 5 members are Paul Carrillo, Jordan Burgundy, Andrew Quesada, Sifry Borrayo, and Joe Segura. The guys are really close and when together act pretty much like brothers. The latest news on the Camera Creeps is that they have a huge group show coming up this Saturday at Stay Gallery in the city of Downey.

    Last Thursday L.A. Taco's Desilu met up with the Camera Creeps to do a group interview at their favorite taco spot, which is the reigning champ of L.A. Taco's Taco Madness, Mexicali Taco and Co. Esdras Ochoa, the owner and chef of Mexicali Taco and Co. stopped by to say  "Hi" and let us know what was on the menu for the day. Before we knew it, we were surrounded by amazing food and ice cold beers. Read the interview below so you can get to know these creeps for yourself.

    Lighten Up by Jordan:

    mexicalishrimptaco How did the Camera Creeps form?

    Paul:  Andrew and I had been talking about shooting and forming a camera club. We didn’t have an official name, we had thought about Los Angeles Camera Club or Photo Club but those names didn’t work out. One day while Andrew, Joe and I were out shooting in the Hollywood Hills we came up with the name “Camera Creeps”. We liked it because of the double C and for the fact that we’re all a little perverted.

    Who comes up with the designs and logos for the Camera Creeps?

    Jordan: It’s a group effort really, we all come up with different ideas and Joe is the man who illustrates all of our ideas, like the Moe Szyslak logo.

    What’s the craziest thing that ever happened to you while taking a photograph?

    Paul: Sifry and I were driving through Korea Town and we saw this drunk dude laying on the floor, he wasn’t a vagrant or anything so Sifry waited.Right as Sifry was waiting, the guy began to wake up and Sifry snapped him. As soon as he did that the guy went off and tried to chase us down the block. We got away of course...

    Jordan: Paul and I had climbed this storage unit during a Kings parade to take some photos and the cops saw us and kicked us off and as I was trying to get down but I completely fucked up and fell to the floor.

    MODERN DANCE by Andrew
    MODERN DANCE by Andrew
    MODERN DANCE by Andrew

    Andrew: There was this one sketchy motel I decided to shoot at back in the day. It was only $20 a night and drugs were offered at the door. I had invited this girl to come model that I had just met. During the whole shoot she was downing 40ozs and getting smoked out. At the end of the shoot she was pretty fucked up and she began to freak out. She didn’t seem to remember us and she started accusing us of trying to take advantage of her. As she was scrambling on the bed half naked, we heard a commotion outside and it turned out that the police were doing a drug bust and raiding one of the rooms near us. Meanwhile the girl had called her dad and he had shown up to collect her and he seemed quite used to her being this way. He told us “ah don’t worry this happens all the time”. Before we knew it the cops were asking us a bunch of rowdy questions especially what we were doing there in the first place.

    Joe: Sifry and me were in Pasadena creeping around an office max parking lot, and Sifry saw these two male bums basically face fucking one another super hardcore. Sifry made me drive by 3 times as he tried to take a photo.

    So you guys have never really get harassed or chased?

    Paul: Well yeah, one of our rules is that we don’t shoot vagrants. Like we find that disrespectful and distasteful and we notice a lot of photographers do it and it’s played out. Anybody can take a photo of a someone sleeping on the street and make it look “artsy”.

    What if you ask them?

    Joe: It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

    Paul: Yeah it’s like paying for a prostitute, too easy.

    Sifry: It’s just fucked up and it’s not something we want to portray. At the end of the day what do you really get out of it? You just get some sad photo; you’re not helping the guy out. I’d rather give the guy a shirt.

    Union Station by Paul
    Union Station by Paul
    Union Station by Paul

    If you had to choose one camera to shoot with the rest of your life what would it be?

    Paul: Yashica FX3 Super

    Jordan: Canon AE

    Andrew: Polaroid land camera and Pentax K1000

    Sifry: Nikon Auto focus

    Joe: Olympus XA

    Who are some of your favorite artists/photographers?

    Paul: I don’t have any particular favorites but just being involved with the film community recently and seeing local artists and the Instagram’s of more unknown artist is what I really like. I do have to mention though Ed Templeton is a favorite.

    Jordan: Anyone that’s not scared to shoot fun shit and is excited to turn a roll in

    Andrew: Nabil Elderkin and Mert & Marcus

    Sifry: I’m kind of bummed no one mentioned Terry Richardson.  Also Arab Parrot’s my boy. He’s one of the guys that started shooting like crazy at parties. Nothing too serious and that’s what I go for. I’m not a skilled photographer, I just like shooting with my friends and that’s something Arab Parrot does.

    Joe: I don’t really have a favorite but I really like the photos that were recently discovered from Vivian Maier. She was photographing at a time no one else was and she captured amazing images. Besides that being involved with the Camera Creeps is my favorite. Any projects the guys take on benefit us all, we’re always learning and developing together.

    How do you guys educate yourselves about photography and grow as photographers?

    Paul: I’ve only been shooting for a few years so, for me its more trial and error, we really do learn off of each other. Some of us are more experienced then the others in certain aspects. It’s been a constant learning process.

    Jordan: In no way do I feel I have mastered photography. Andrew’s dad Larry was the one who got me going when we were kids. He would give us disposables and teach us things when he could. Honestly Joe, Andrew, Paul and Sifry set the bar for me as well.  It’s fun and competitive, when the guys capture something dope it makes me want to capture something just as awesome.

    Andrew: My mom and dad would always shoot photos of each other and my knowledge stemmed from them. I’ve been able to progress and learn through out the years and to me Joe is actually my go to guy. He’s really technical with everything and I never went to school for photography but I feel like any time I have questions I go to Joe and he shows me what’s up.

    Sifry: Real talk, Joe is our go to guy. If Joe doesn’t know it, by the time you hang up he’ll call you back and be like “oh this camera! Yeah I had this one sitting in the back of my mind”. As far as trying to progress and learn, I don’t think I’ve tried to better myself, I shoot for sport. I’m not setting up photo shoots or anything like that I’m just shooting my surroundings. The one thing I have learned is that don’t buy every point and shoot camera you see in the thrift store. Pick one fuck with it, learn it and that’s how you will develop your own style. Everyone has his or her own eye and point of view which let’s us all develop our own styles.

    Andrew: Off of what Sifry said, I think you really have to stick with it, I think a lot of photographers want the best cameras and what they don’t get is that you have to just get to know your camera. You can have the least expensive camera and just knowing and understanding your camera will make you that much better. Some people don’t understand that there is a craft to photography.

    Joe: Read books, you can buy a $2000 camera today and what you make isn’t as good as something that someone made with a camera like the K1000. You can make amazing photos with any sort of equipment.

    Abandoned by Joe
    Abandoned by Joe
    Abandoned by Joe

    Do you guys think photos have to have to some sort of “artistic value” or some sort of point?

    Jordan: No, not at all. It can be five year old kid shooting something and it’s great because that his world of his shit and that’s awesome. I appreciate anyone’s real work.

    Joe: Photography is not just for art; it’s for documentary purposes.

    Any last words?

    The Creeps: Eat at Mexicali Tacos they have the best tacos in LA. We love hanging out here and eating their amazing food. We’d like to give a shout out to Larry Quesada, Ed Templeton, Bastard Artist, Kalf Life, Holga Girl, and Stay Gallery. Don't forget our group show is this Saturday!   THecameracreeps[gallery type="slideshow" ids="57860,57858,57856,57857,57855,57863,57862,57861,57859,57854" orderby="rand"]

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