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Serial Killer Photos ~ West Los Angeles

Potential Victims

The above photo is a sample of images of over 50 women who are feared to have been raped and/or murdered by Richard Bradford more then 20 years ago. Bradford is a serial killer on death row for two Los Angeles area murders in the mid 1980s, but police fear there may have been many more victims. This particular local maniac never had the fear factor or recognition of the Night Stalker, which may be even more scary, as he potentially carried out dozens of murders without raising an alarm. His M.O. was to pose as a photographer and pick up aspiring models that became his victims-- the exact same method to lure Kristen Johnson of Santa Monica to her death a few years back. It's chilling to imagine what Bradford might have done in the age of Craig's List.

More information on the search to identify the women in the photographs is available here.

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