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Independent Label Market: Los Angeles ~ November 3rd

Since launching in London on May 2011, Independent Label Market has brought together the founders of some the World’s greatest Independent Record Labels on both sides of the Atlantic to sell their fresh vinyl produce directly to the public at that traditional goods exchange – a market stall.

Independent Label Market will be returning to the USA for a second time on Saturday 3rd November, 2012 to host their first West Coast event. The event will take place at the Micheltorena Elementary School in Silverlake, and in typical ILM fashion, will see a host of exclusive releases, artist appearances and much more. More info on the Facebook Event page.

As the music industry embraces mp3s and a more digital strategy, Independent Label Market is proving to be an valuable reminder of how music retail can be a social affair; people hanging out together as a community and buying records.

The first wave of labels include:

100% Silk
Burger Records
Delicious Vinyl
Friends Of Friends
Hit City USA
Innovative Leisure
Mad Decent
Manimal Vinyl
Ninja Tune
Not Not Fun

Feedback from Independent Label Market: Brooklyn

“We had a wonderful time at the Indie Label Market. Meeting fans of our artists; seeing friends from other great labels; the intoxicating aroma of the barbecue stand; and a perfect blue skied and clear day all stand equally as the highlights. I only wish I’d had enough time to get a Minimal Wave cupcake and look through their stall and others.” Kris Chen, XL

“A wonderful day, thoroughly enjoyed by all the labels. getting a read on customers was difficult enough when you had to go through a distributor and then a shop. now that everythings online, the closest thing you get to feedback is a youtube comment. Meeting and discussing records with 1000s of interested people, face to face, was an incredibly refreshing and encouraging process. thanks to everyone who came down.” Caius Pawson, Young Turks

“It was a beautiful day all around, we sold loads of records and merchandise and met amazing fans from all over the world. and the love and geeky fandom between all the labels was something to witness too! very good vibes all around.” Jon Galkin, DFA

“Having a Fool’s Gold booth at the market was a lot of fun, we were able to provide rare records to the most dedicated of fans and make new ones in the process, definitely the best of both worlds”. Nick Catchdubs, Fools Gold

“I thought it was just a great day all around… good weather, great labels and even better people. It was nice to see such camaraderie amongst all the various vendors and the sense of community”. Kris Gillespie, Domino

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