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Bryant J. Orozco

Bryant Joel Orozco is a Long Beach native with roots in Sonora, Zacatecas, and Nayarit. Previously a Bartender and Bar Director for acclaimed agave programs in Los Angeles, he now freelances as a writer/contributor for and Mezcalistas, dabbles in the occasional bar and non-alcoholic pop-ups, and studies/curates fermented and distilled beverages of Mexico.

At Long Beach’s First Nicaraguan Street Food Stand, You Can Indulge In the Deep-Fried Tradition of Fritanga

It is heartwarming to see a place in Long Beach serve as a community space for the Nicaraguan diaspora. The guests speak among themselves and with the owners about their homeland and their ranchos, and most importantly the food they miss. But no matter where you’re coming from, everyone is invited to the Fritanga.

August 28, 2023

The Seven Best Places To Eat On the West Side of Long Beach

Although the west side is considered to be one of the poorest neighborhoods in Long Beach, it houses some of the most unique places to eat, from pink noodles at a Buddhist temple to shrimp pupusas and wine-cured salami sandwiches.

August 1, 2023