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Andrew Watman

Andrew Watman is an Independent Food & Drink Writer covering the most indulgent bites LA has to offer. Getting to know the people behind the food in this city has made this LA transplant feel right at home on the West Coast. He also writes about the latest innovations in kitchen technology. Find Andrew at the newest boba spot in town, slurping on ramen or coming up with a new way to refine a martini.

The Ten Best N.Y.-Style Pizza Joints in Los Angeles

The myth that you can’t do N.Y.-style pizza outside of New York because of the tap water was debunked by every owner featured in our guide, written by a former New Yorker. The pizza here represents much more than a tasty, convenient slice. They represent New York grit.

November 6, 2023

The Seven Best Poke Places In Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, the poke scene is starting to heal from a bit of a hangover caused by rampant overindulgence. These are the true Hawaiian-inspired, fresh fish spots that endure for good reason. Most, located right by the beach to enjoy L.A.'s crisp ocean breeze with your sashimi-grade fish.

September 25, 2023

The 10 Best Boba Tea Shops In Los Angeles

Using artificial powders to flavor tea is a sin, especially in a town where there are so many natural options built on individually-brewed teas, fresh-cut fruits, and homemade delicacies like these...

August 14, 2023

First Stop: Two Restaurants To Try In L.A.’s Little Bangladesh

“Food is a big habit of ours, where we just can't change and have American burgers on a daily basis,” says Johnny Islam, the pioneer behind this neighborhood's first Bengali restaurant.

May 22, 2023